• Lowmein


    May 28, 2012 by Lowmein


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  • Quentio

    I'm so exited to begin soon being a lunari guardian!

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  • Mattd631

    My cats

    March 27, 2012 by Mattd631

    Hello you guys, as you may have never known, I have 2 beautiful kittens. Their names are Gilbert (male) and Matches (female). Gilbert is a moderately big cat for his age, and he has a quite muscley build. He is a black and white cat (nothing odd). Matches is a smaller cat but still about average size for her age. She has an odd coloring of lighter tiger coloring in spots and white fur the rest of her body. They both have green/yellow/brownish eyes and are siblings. Now you know my cats.

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  • Reckoning (Church)

    I am so excited for when the City and Guild Leaders get to go in, and start building their stuff!

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  • Spookeh

    Regarding Categories

    March 24, 2012 by Spookeh

    I know everyone is all gung-ho to start editing their character page and adding information to the Wiki, but before you jump in, please take a minute or two to read this and save me and others some time correcting your mistakes. The category option should be used in a hierarchical manner. This means that smaller things should be categorized into bigger things. I'm seeing cities being categorized under multiple characters, and that just does not work. Take a look.

    Let's say our broadest category is Guilds. Within the Guilds category should be, obviously, all the guilds found in Serathoul, and nothing else. From guilds, we can go into a smaller category, like the Assassin's Guild. Now, within the Assassin's Guild category, we should put all th…

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  • Mynameisak


    March 23, 2012 by Mynameisak

    Cannot wait for the server to begin.

    So much anticipation for the server xD

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