Captain Tavish (Aimless)

Character Name: Captain Tavish

Character Age: 27

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Ranged/Guns

Archetype: Pirate

Race: Tellimen

Character Personality: Hot-head, courageous, and never gives up

Background Information: Captain Tavish, the most dangerous swashbuckler of the seas. Tavish set sail looking for treasure his father told him about before he died. His crew didn't believe in the treasure, this made Tavish mad so he just set sail alone. What started to be a good journey soon came to an end. A storm brewed up, Tavish woke to the deafening sound of the thunder. Navigating at high winds, from a far distance Tavish saw a wave coming his way. Attempting to steer towards the distant land he saw. His ship was then swallowed by a whirlpool. Tavish grabbed his compass, bullets, and his breathing stick. Tavish then breached on shore. This was no ordinary place, Tavish knew he had a lot things coming towards his way.

Why You Should Be Accepted: Role playing is fun and not only that, it is also a way to contribute. Previous role playing server I was in was Avaton.

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