There are eight divines to be worshipped, one for each race. I suppose technically you may be able to worship a god that is not your race's patron god, but please come up with a reasonable explanation as to why. Of course, it is also possible that your character is not religious, as the gods did abandon their races in the Great War. The gods and what they represent are as follows.

Celestia: Goddess of the stars, knowledge, and magic.

Matron of - {Avians}

Divine Weapon - {Rainbow Rod}

Lunalius: God of the moon, shadows, and grace, as well as brother of Celestia.

Patron of - {Lunari}

Divine Weapon - {Gungnir}

Trinitus: God of the wind, commerce and travel.

Patron of - {Tellimen}

Divine Weapon - {Excalibur}

Valmoran: God of the earth, fire, and technology.

Patron of - {Vvarden}

Divine Weapon - {Megashark}

Elysia: Goddess of life, art, and love.

Matron of - {Arborians}

Divine Weapon - {Hallowed Repeater}

Carthasis: God of the sea, mystery, and secrets.

Patron of - {Aquians}

Divine Weapon - {Magical Harp}

Shirkal: God of war, death, and chaos.

Patron of - {Twa'lek}

Divine Weapon - {Light Discs}

Thalor: God of justice, might, and victory.

Patron of - {Norse}

Divine Weapon - {Dao of Pow}

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