Character Name: SengthunCharacter Age: 24Character Gender: Male'Class/Subclass: Bard'Archetype: Bows'Race: Arborius'Character Personality: Quiet and shy, generally secretive but will often be very attentive and listen if you have something worth saying.Background Information: Sengthun always loved music and would frequently be found sitting in the forest listening to the soft rhythm of the wood.When he was six his father came into his room on his birth day,"Son, I have a present for you."His father handed over a small set of wooden pan pipes, "Wow" Sengthun gasped, "Are these really for me? Thank you Dad!"After that birthday his love of music developed even more and Sengthun grew to be a accomplished musician.When Sengthun was sixteen he got his first job in the local tavern as a bard and he would entertain there every day.

One day when Sengthun was twenty three a man came into the tavern with a large silver harp on his back, Sengthun was in awe at this magnificent instrument that made his small wooden pan pipes look like a child toy.The man noticing the young man staring at the harp asked "Hey boy are you a musician?""Y-y-yes sir I am" Sengthun stammers out, "How good are 'ya?" the man asks. "I've been told I am good." Sengthun replies. Thenthe man swings the harp from his back and declares "Have a go on this then boy, and we'll see how good you really are."Nervously Sengthun wets his mouth and sets his fingers slowly on the sleek strings that seem to buzz with power. As soon and his fingertips touched the harp his muscles relaxed and he started to play, the notes streamed out like golden birds and almost hovered shimmering in the air. The rest of the bar stopped all movement as the teenager stood eyes closed playing the silver harp.While the notes faded away tears were wiped from even the hardest of eyes, as the song had sung of home and a warm summer lit day outside. The man coughed and shook Sengthun's hand as the bar patrons turn back to their drinks only occasionly turn to look at the strange pair.That night Sengthun found out a lot about the man, his name was Ghensun and he was a travelling bard from Sylvalia and a member of The Chroniclers. He was one of the scouts sent out by Aedin Locksbane to look for new talent to recruit to The Chroniclers then he told Sengthun that "You just might have what it takes to become a Chronicler."The next day as Ghensun was leaving he told Sengthun if he felt he had what it takes to become a bard then he should set out to Sylvalia when he was ready. But, he warned "There are many perils on the road ahead have this bow and arrows to travel safely, when you are ready, come to Sylvalia, I'll be waiting."

That was two months ago and now Sengthun is ready, he steps out from the safety of his old world and into the new one. (Has not been accepted yet)


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