Pickaxe (miner)

The Miner's Guild, Formed in the dawn of Tyrnghiem's creation is a collective of the Miners aged 16-70 working to explore and organize the underground beneath Tyrngheim, digging in teams and always increasing the wealth of their city. The Guild is Based in Tyrnheim and currently only had Vvarden members.

Leadership is decided by the last leader, the latest being Val'Shard; whom died from blood loss and cardiac arrest, caused by a large rock partially crushing him after the attempt to help Vvarden from a cave in.

Based In - Tyrngheim

Archetype - Miner

Leader - Mynameisak [Thantos Mason]

(Once the gameplay has begun Mynameisak will be adding photo's of the Guild Hall and further information surrounding the guild, such as: membership, rewards, work, living quarters e.g.) undefined

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