Relics are items that cannot be crafted or found in the underground biome, such as the Muramasa, or the Handgun. Because there is no Dungeon on this custom map, the contents of it are labeled as relics, and the items crafted from Meteorite are also relics. Relics are recieved through a variety of ways, and they may either be limited in supply or unlimited. Possible methods of obtaining a relic are being given that relic as gear for a guild, being given one as a reward by a city leader for incredible service, or finding one in a Daemon Ruin underground.

Note that these are not the only three methods. You may be wondering why powerful weapons such as the Adamantite Sword are not considered relics, while weaker versions like the Breaker Blade are. This is because as the roleplay storyline progresses, miners will be able to find 1.1 ores underground, which will then be crafted by crafsmen, and sold by Merchants for a very high price. Due to this, money hacking will be strictly banned, but there will be plenty of methods for every archetype to earn money while following the rules.

List of Relics

Hallowed Repeater



Clockwork Assault Rifle




Laser Rifle



Night's Edge

Breaker Blade



Dark Lance


Blue Moon

Sun Fury

Dao Of Pow

Light Discs

Aqua Scepter

Star Fury

Magic Missile

Flower Of Fire


Rainbow Rod

Demon Scythe

Crystal Storm

Cursed Flames

Magical Harp



Angel/Demon Wings

Lucky Horseshoe

Hallowed Armour

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