Character Name: Szene

Character Age: 23 Character Gender: Female

Class/Subclass: Ranged/Bows

Archetype: Assassin

Race: Aquian

Character Personality: Trickster, Flirt, Devoted, Prideful, Secretive, Cautious, Clever, Obserative, Seductive, Patient.

Background Information: Szene is a prankster at heart since she was a small child, making trip wires and waiting for someone to walk by to have objects flogged towards them. She always had looks like an angel but the mind of the devil, luring males to make their hearts break for hurting her friends or teasing her about her life.

Szene was cooking for her mother and father one night and she remembered how they beat her while she cried and abused her as if she nothing. While the food was cooking she added in some 'home-made' poison to kill her parents. She was never caught, she grew from there as a new person.

She met a man who she could trust, Church took her in as his own sister and taught the mere child the ways of assassin's. Church told her to only trust people who you feel comfortable around or know. Even then she was still wary of what people will do to her. She consist's on becoming one of the best assassin's there is to know and prove to Church there is more than meets the eye with her.

Church has never favored for her and she only now began to commendate with the guild.

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