I know everyone is all gung-ho to start editing their character page and adding information to the Wiki, but before you jump in, please take a minute or two to read this and save me and others some time correcting your mistakes. The category option should be used in a hierarchical manner. This means that smaller things should be categorized into bigger things. I'm seeing cities being categorized under multiple characters, and that just does not work. Take a look.

Let's say our broadest category is Guilds. Within the Guilds category should be, obviously, all the guilds found in Serathoul, and nothing else. From guilds, we can go into a smaller category, like the Assassin's Guild. Now, within the Assassin's Guild category, we should put all the members of the Assassin's guild, and perhaps make a subcategory within it for events related to the Guild. Again; nothing else. Your character does not need hes or her own category; creating that only makes unnecessary pages on the Wiki, and that causes some serious confusion among the editors. So really quick, before I wrap this up, let's review:

I. Largest Category (Guilds)

   a. Swordsman's Guild
       1. *Members of Swordsman's Guild*

   b. Assassin's Guild
       2. *Members of Assassin's Guild*
   c. Holy Order
       3. *Members of Holy Order*

...And so on. It's certainly not rocket science, and it makes the lives of us editors much easier, so please, do us a solid and keep it clean.